Treasures of Costa Rica

Treasures of Costa Rica

Royal Museums of Art and History, The Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels
March 31, 2014

The art and culture of pre-Columbian Costa Rica

Sandwiched between two oceans, this volcanic country covered by forests has a particular cultural identity that has been determined by its geography and rich fauna and flora and by its location between the influences of Mesoamerica and Columbia.

Approximately 350 items are on display here in an open setting in which the biotope is suggested by means of enlarged photographs, film images, sound, subtly planned lighting and various applications. Typical of the art of the period are the stone sculptures of warriors, hybrid creatures and altars, the figurines and the jewelry of jade and gold. The depictions are often of creatures from the animal world, such as felines (jaguar, ocelot, puma…) frogs, bats, snakes and various birds.

This prestigious exhibition shows objects never presented outside of Costa Rica like wonderful golden objects, sculptures in basalt and wood and jade pendants.

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