Kasteel Bulskampveld (icoon) Castle of Bulskampveld

Castle of Bulskampveld

Regional visitor and nature centre located in a pleasant castle near Bruges

The scenery of the castle and the beauty of its surrounding nature served as a source of inspiration for the design of the Bulskampveld Castle near Beernem-Bruges. These days, a regional reception centre and Nature and Environmental Visitor Centre are located in the castle.

The regional reception tour starts in the vestibule. There are still sheets draped over the furniture. As soon as you disturb the peace and quiet, a complete story will spring to life. The subsequent areas of the exhibition are also designed to show the various aspects of the region. The stately lanterns for example, containing scaled models of ancient structures in the region, or the whispering wallpaper that reveals murders that were committed and spreads the latest rumours. Next, a painting that transforms in keeping with the history of the landscape invites you to influence the future. The last inhabitants seem to have left a collection of curiosities.

A newly built section was recently added to the castle. This is where the Nature and Environmental Visitor Centre is located. The exhibits are as symmetrical as French gardens, and contain all the information about the domain and its participants, which visitors can see displayed on the walls and on examination tables. Visitors are invited to enter the outside areas through interactive exhibits.

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