Kansen, gokken en spelen (icoon) Gambling, games of chance

Gambling, games of chance

Annual theme for 2005 and 2006 about opportunities, gambling and playing games

Visitors to the Bokrijk Domain receive a few joker cards at the entrance. Before you know it, you are taking part in a game. Make your bets and go with the flow; there are no losers in this game. Now, your entire trip round the museum will be one big lottery game. You’ll see card players cheat while playing, near a chapel you can hear a woman’s cry for help for her gambling husband, and before the lottery draw you’ll witness a cockfight. You decide how far you want to go! But be warned, it is all very tempting. If you lose everything and need new joker cards, you’ll have to acquire them some other way. By leaving your belongings in the pawnshop, or selling your soul to a cheating dice player!

For this annual theme we have used authentic game forms and contemporary multimedia. It all takes place against the backdrop of the buildings and relics of the open-air museum. And to make the game seem larger than life, actors will encourage visitors to commit a small sin.

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