Museum for Industry and Society
The history of the industry and society of Limburg, captured in 27 scenes

The floor plan of this exhibition is designed to resemble a huge machine mechanism put into motion. The first scene displays the characteristic living and working conditions of workers from cities in Limburg. It’s a story of past glory, poverty and alcoholism, but nonetheless a story of solidarity as well. We captured the character of an era in a social context using relics and evocative exhibits. We tried to find the balance between abstraction and realism mixed with a touch of symbolism: a working-class neighbourhood versus a factory gate. They despise one another, but can’t do without each other. The second scene displays the industrial development through an operational factory. It goes from one single machine manned by many labourers up to a fully automated factory. After that, another 25 compelling scenes are open to the public. All scene exhibits are linked by a long red rotatory axis. Constructions and sheathings of blue steel and roof features emphasise the character of the technical scenes and give them certain coherence. Large black and white walls form the background for scenes that illustrate the culture and everyday life of the factory workers and miners. Characteristic, decorated rooms blend with technical elements to create a highly evocative exhibition. The museum’s comprehensive collection is, of course, its focal point. This was the first project we produced on a turnkey basis: from the first draft and design up to the realisation of the entire interior.

Micheletti Museum of the Year Award

Micheletti Museum of the Year AwardIn 2000 the Industrion became winner of this prestigious award for museums in technical science and industry. Part of the jury report: “The Industrion gives their visitors a feeling of taking an active part in the story of the museum presentation. The active role of the visitors is not limited to “hands-on”, but is always in relation to the theme that is being seen in the exhibition.”

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