Ik ben beestjes (icoon) I am creepy-crawlies

I am creepy-crawlies

An exhibition about evolution and co-evolution

This exhibition starts with the entire circus of evolution. When you see the whole course of evolution stretched out before you, it looks as though some serious experimentation has been going on. Natural selection has sifted out many species and many have become extinct. Other species have altered by adapting to new living conditions. You may be surprised by some of the varieties, but what do you think about some of the things we take for granted? Like nipples on a male body, for example. What purpose do they serve?

In the second room you’ll witness the co-evolution, or rather the extinction and alteration of species because of human influence. We manipulate and clone; it is our ambition to design new species. Or rather, how we’ve turned a wolf into a guard dog. There are a number of empty cages in this area, like the cage of the House Sparrow. This species has almost become extinct. What is the most successful animal of all time? Lions or ants, or chickens perhaps? You cannot tell whether they’re happy, but there are plenty of them and that makes them successful as a species!

In the third room, it might come as a shock to some visitors to discover that humans are entirely made up of bugs, some 100,000,000 to be exact.

What else do you wish? Visitors can leave the final area looking more perfect than they entered, by using some fantastic enhancement extensions. Who doesn’t want to go through life without ever feeling any pain, and who doesn’t want to expand their memory or have night vision capacity? Visitors can experience the pros and cons of all these opportunities through activating such enhancement extensions. They will realize, for example, that the ability to see at night would lead us to extend business hours, which would disrupt nocturnal animals. They would stop eating insects, and in turn these would become a pest. If we didn’t feel any pain, our teeth would fall out without us even noticing. And which boss would hire a person who hadn’t already bought an immunity package?

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