Het Nederland van Nescio (icoon) Nescio’s Netherlands

Nescio’s Netherlands

Nescio’s view on the beauty and disturbance of the dutch landscape

The work of the Dutch writer Nescio is the main theme in the first part of this exhibition. Here, Nescio’s office is depicted on a wall. One bright spot of light falls upon the writer himself. Framed in a neon sign is an eye-catching letter, an i, Nescio’s version of the word he. In front of the wall stands a spotless desk which holds Nescio’s biography. Visible through the office door, on one of the side walls, is a blue bank of clouds. This bank of clouds portrays the feeling of desire. Showcases with a number of simple everyday items like bus tickets are also in this area of the exhibition. They contain some first editions of Nescio’s work as well, like the masterpiece Young Bucks (original title: De Titaantjes), of which a sculpture is also on display. You can thumb through his complete works at a reading table in a very intimate room with family pictures hanging on the wall. You might also want to listen to audio fragments from the text. Stereo panorama viewers show pictures from areas in the Netherlands that match the texts.

Nescio’s vision of the Netherlands is displayed in the second part of the exhibition. The exhibit is largely interspersed with text excerpts from the works of Nescio. Swirling freely through this area of the exhibition are large white sheets with excerpts of printed text about the beauty of the Dutch landscape. The bank of clouds theme, introduced in the first area of the exhibition, continues in this one. It contains paintings to accompany the texts. Nescio described the value of the Dutch landscape, but warned at the same time that human interference could undermine it. These gloomy texts about today’s landscape, now almost completely covered with buildings, cast stern, dark shadows over the green grass. As if to say: who dares to disturb this country?

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