Het geheim van de Kelten (icoon) The Secret of the Celts

The Secret of the Celts

A travelling exhibition about the Celts with many archaeological showpieces

Who were the Celts and how much have we inherited from them? Gothic tattoos, the Lord of Oss, Druids, violence, Romans, trophies on poles and bling! bling!, to name but a few. The Celts had a culture imbued with mysteries that reverberate into the here and now.

All the archaeological showpieces from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have been specially brought together for this occasion in a spectacular exhibition. They are displayed in glass showcases conjuring up a river, in tribute to the rivers where most objects were discovered. Beneath the glass showcases are steel plates, referring to the Iron Age.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the part where visitors can dress up like a Celt and have their photograph taken along with the Lord of Oss. The grave of this ruler, who lived around 800 BC, was discovered in 1933. The photo is automatically published on the website  www.dekelten.nl. Have there ever been Celts in the Netherlands? You can find out by looking at the large wooden circles on a map, which are based on the shapes of a Celtic grave.

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