De wollendekenfabriek (icoon) The Woollen Blanket Factory

The Woollen Blanket Factory

The process of making soft blankets from crude wool

The woollen blanket factory replicates the ambiance of a textile factory as it existed in the Netherlands in the period from 1900 to 1940. Large bales of crude wool are waiting to be weighed and you can smell the softener. Visitors immediately realize they’re in a woollen blanket factory. Demonstration models of historic machines show the manufacturing process that turns crude wool into soft blankets. Same as in the past, the machines are powered by steam engine. Their thumping and repetitive sounds and the smell of wool and oil fill the hall.

Historic photos and films are hidden in the display and show the labourers who toiled in the factory then. They once used human urine to felt the fabric and it was this custom that gave the inhabitants of Tilburg the nickname kruikenzeiker (jug pissers).The wealth of materials, ranging from bales of crude wool to racks full of blankets, show a factory in full production. The exhibition ends with a rack full of soft, colourful woollen blankets.

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