De Stadshistorie, Kasteel Helmond (icoon) The History of the City, Castle Helmond

The History of the City, Castle Helmond

October 23, 2004

The history of the city of Helmond told from the vault of its castle

Helmond and its castle underwent many changes in the past as revealed by a large crystal ball, which also gives you the opportunity to step into the future. In the vault of the castle you’ll find cameras and wedding photo albums with pictures from various periods in history. If you peep through the keyholes you will see the inside of the castle as it was in days gone by, and in between the old arches of the vault you’ll find models of very prominent events.

Two figures seem to step out of a painting to recount part of their lives. Inside one of the castle towers, near an old loom, you can hear a caged bird singing. After all, radio hadn’t been invented back then. A knight stands in one of the other towers. You can use his crossbow to shoot at answers to questions projected on a screen, to check how knowledgeable you are on the defence of this castle.

In the final area of the exhibition you encounter the sources of Helmond’s historic collection. Objects that may appear dull at first glance have some quite exciting stories to reveal. You will find crates that unravel unexpected tales and remarkable facts. One of the crates is empty though. All you can see are prints of the silver it once contained, stolen from a church.

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