De Huysmanshoeve (icoon) De Huysmanshoeve

De Huysmanshoeve

This renovated farm comes alive by the use of exhibits and integrated software

It seems as though the old Huysmanshoeve farmhouse has been restored to its original fixtures and fittings. However, the minute you walk in and start touching objects, the farmhouse comes to life and even paintings start to change.

An old woman tells you Meetjesland’s history. It is said that the name is derived from the word Meetjeslanders, used by market vendors to denote linen cloths. Another origin of the name Meetjesland might be the word ‘meten‘, which used to denote peat bricks. The name might also be related to King Charles the Fifth, who enjoyed himself with ‘Meetjes‘, beautiful girls living in the area.

By climbing a wooden staircase visitors ultimately arrive in the attic where, between the stored crates, they can look for the wealth of nature found in the Kreken area and in the Houtlands.

The Huysmanshoeve farmhouse reveals something of the history, the landscape and the culture of the Meetjesland. It is the ideal starting point for further exploration of the area.

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