Visitor Centre Town Hall Heusden

Visitor Centre Town Hall Heusden

The Former Town Hall of Heusden has been set up as a Visitor Centre

Today, the former town hall of the fortified town of Heusden in the Northern part of Brabant houses a visitor centre, a Tourist Information Office and an archive for the region. Whether purchasing a hiking map from the Tourist Information Office or delving into the roots of the municipality in its basement archive, the former town hall enables visitors to dig deep into the history of the Heusden municipality.

First of all you’ll come across the Treasure of Heusden, which includes a broad range of characteristic objects, movies and pictures collected by the inhabitants of Heusden. It includes the head of the last boar that was shot in the dunes of Drunen and the story of Adrie who started collecting paraphernalia after the municipality underwent a reorganization. With the help of a computer program connections can be made between an old shoe from one of the showcases and the story of the “Halve zolen lijntje”, a railway line that carried semi finished shoe soles.

A large scaled model in the next area of the exhibition gives a good idea of the fortified town, where everything revolved around defence. The best way to find interesting places throughout the entire vicinity is by making a trip with the virtual knight known as Bauke. Temporary exhibitions are now on view in the storey where the town hall used to be and the guild’s silver is stored in a period room.

This project was awarded the Monument Prize of province of Brabant in 2006. This prize was initiated by the provincial council and the Monument Consultation Federation of North Brabant. According to the judges’ report: “The different activities in the old town hall of Heusden are a perfect match; visitors will leave the building completely satisfied.”

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