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Objectives, a Vision of the Museum

December 2013

Curate, a unique award launched by Fondazione Prada and the Qatar Museums Authority, is a global search for curatorial talent. We submitted the idea ‘Objectives’.

Tricky Objects

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel
5 - 7 December 2013

About the stories behind the things. A writing- and exhibition workshop.

The exhibition as story-telling

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel
16 - 18 June, 2013

A workshop about exhibition design and narrative scenography
QuAM: certification and exchange for museums

The braincase

Stichting Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven (GGzE)
14 December 2012

A brainstorm about the merging of the museum collection of the GGzE, the BKR-art of Eindhoven and activities of the Design Academy in an attic space on the site of the GGzE

Jury KMKG Brussels

Royal Museums for Art and History, Brussels
December 13, 2011

Member of the jury for a competition of scenography of four rooms on the 17th century in the RMAH
Expert member: Marcel Wouters, architect-scenograph (Holland)

National Jenever Museum

National Jenevermuseum, Hasselt (Belgium)
October 20, 2011

Advice for the future redevelopment of the Jenever Museum

AG-Workshop MINT in Solingen

LVR-Industriemuseum, location Solingen
October 13, 2011

LVR Industrial Museum: exhibition project “MINT”, about mathematics, science and technology

Exhibitions for children and teenagers

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel
4 to 5 July, 2011

How an exhibition is created from a theme with the principles of participation, communication, construction and individuality

‘The Concept Method’

LCM, National Contact Museumconsultants
9-11 November, 2010

Seminar on the development of exhibitions
Location: House of the Arts, Roermond

Seminar Laborwerstatt Ausstellungsgestaltung (icoon)

Exhibition Design Laboratory II

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel
22 t/m 24 november 2009

An open forum for creative thinking and experimental testing in the field of design and designing exhibitions

Seminar Art & Technology (icoon)

Seminar Art & Technology

Amsterdams Uitburo
November 20, 2008

Lecture about the role that technology is playing and will play in the world of art and culture.

Academic introduction

Hochschule Darmstadt - University of Applied Sciences
20. Oktober 2008

Lecture for the professorship ‘Vermittlungskonzeptionen / Ausstellungsdesign’ aan de Hochschule Darmstadt – University of Applied Sciences

Lezing 'Tabula Rasa' (icoon)

‘Tabula Rasa’

Province of Antwerp, Belgium
28th of November, 2007

A lecture at the seminar: ‘How lively can a museum be?’ in the Suske and Wiske Childernsmuseum in Kalmthout, Belgium

Het nieuwe gezicht van het museum (icoon)

The new face of the museum

Museum Village Cloppenburg
11-12 October, 2007

Lecture at a symposium on contemporary exhibition presentation developments
Location: Museum Village Cloppenburg

Vinden wat men niet zocht (icoon)

Finding the unexpected

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel
May 2-4, 2004

A seminar on how an exhibition can communicate with its visitors

Cursus 'Het ontwerpproces' (icoon)

‘Het ontwerpproces’ II

LCM, Landelijk Contact Museumconsulenten
12-14 February, 2004

Practice seminar on the development of exhibitions
Tax and Customs Museum, Rotterdam

Museum & Exhibition Design

Sint Lucas, Boxtel
December 22, 2003

Meeting at our office in Eindhoven with the University of Lincoln, Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design about the exchange of knowledge and students

Cursus 'Het ontwerpproces' (icoon)

‘The design process’ I

LCM, Landelijk Contact Museumconsulenten, Symbiose
20-22 February, 2003

A practical seminar on the art of exhibiting
Location: Tax and Customs Museum and the Marine Museum in Rotterdam

Pablo’s Child

Museum Dasa, Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung Dortmund
January 23, 2003

A speech at the seminar “Hybrid spaces”
Publication: Szenografie in Ausstellungen und Museen (Klartext Publishers)

Typological developments

Museum Dasa, Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung, Dortmund
January 30 to February 2, 2002

Typological developments in Dutch exhibition design
Lecture as part of the colloquium „Szenographie in Ausstellungen und Museen”

Berlijnse workshops (icoon)

Workshops in Berlin

Nederlandse Museumvereninging
6 t/m 10 november 2001

Studytrip of a section of technical and transportmuseums to Berlin

From wild animal to livestock

Oeko-Fonds Foundation, Luxemburg
November 26, 1997

Member of the advisory committee for a new nature experience center in Winseler, Luxembourg
Location: Esch-Sauer

International symposium Bonn

Deutscher Museumsbund
24 to 27 June, 1993

International symposium on similarities and division of responsibilities between education and design in museums
Location: Gustav Stresemann Institut e.V., Bonn

Interactive exhibitions

Deutscher Museumsbund
February 26, 1993

Reading for German and Dutch museum staff on interactive exhibits
Location: Maritime Museum Rotterdam