About our Agency

Marcelwoutersontwerpers is always ahead of the game. The first projects we did were exhibitions on nature and technique, mostly for children. We started creating interactive exhibits at a time when this was very unusual in the world of museums. We’ve managed to maintain our lead. The advent of multimedia totally changed the way we design our exhibitions. We create new methods to communicate the message of our clients to their visitors, sometimes almost beyond the bounds of possibility.

We act as intermediary between our clients and their target audience, and between the collection of the museum and its visitors. A compelling exhibition originates somewhere between those perspectives. One of our clients once called us “true interpreters”. We obviously do that in our own unique manner. We call ourselves designers instead of decorators, not without reason. Decorators limit themselves often to just adding shape, whereas we determine the atmosphere and design from an analysis of the contents.

It is our challenge to communicate complex information in an original way to the appointed target audience, using our enthusiasm and broad experience. This always results in a unique and refreshing form of expression.

Because of our wide knowledge in this field we are often asked to organise specialised seminars and courses on this subject. The course we organise for museum employees is about the design process, developing a concept and about future vision. These courses take place annually at the Federal Academy of Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel and were earlier held in Celle, Bonn, Dresden, Basel and Dortmund, but also in the Netherlands.

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